The Committee

The Malta Group of Professional Engineering Institutions represents locally three of the leading British Engineering Institutions:


  • The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET)
  • The Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE)
  • The Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE)


The MGPEI committee consists of 12 members, as well as an IET membership advisor and representitives of the Student Chapters. Committee meetings are held once every month. Attendance to committee meetings is very high with an attendance rate of 80% of the all of the committee meetings held during the year. The main aims of the committee are to organise activities of a technical nature and interest for the members and also to encourage communication between the members of the three parent Institutions. The committee also carries out interviews of prospective members and helps the younger members with the development of their carriers. All the committee members work on a purely voluntary basis for the benefit of their colleagues and are not paid in any way for the service they give to the Group.

The Committee Members

The MGPEI Committee for the year 2022 is as follows:


  • Chairman: Dr Ing. Stefania Cristina
  • Vice-Chairman: Ing. Andre Cauchi
  • Hon. Secretary: Eur Ing. Mike Brewer
  • Hon. Treasurer: Ing. Carmel Cuschieri


  • Ing. Joe Camilleri
  • Ing. David Abela
  • Dr Ing. Paul Vassallo
  • Dr Ing. Brian Azzopardi
  • Dr Ruben Paul Borg
  • Prof. Ing. Duncan Camilleri
  • Prof. Ing. Cyril Spiteri Staines

Our Mission Statement

  • To promote the advancement of electrical, mechanical, civil, manufacturing and information engineering and to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas.
  • To provide a broad range of services to members, to assist them in developing their careers by improving their capabilities as engineers and to play their full part in contributing to society.
  • To raise the standing and visibility of the profession and to maintain a high standard of professional conduct.
  • To assist professionals in joining any of the parent Institutions.

Our Activities

The MGPEI, which represents approximately 300 members between the three Institutions, invites its members and even members of the general public to all of the activities organised by the Group.


Members are obliged by the Institutions Charter to keep up-to-date and competent by continuing professional development. The activities organised by the Group are aimed in this direction. They also help to bring the members together in an informal environment, helping to promote good relations between members as well as to facilitate the co-operation of the members between themselves in the practice of their profession.


Activities are held on average once every three to four weeks and take the form of a technical or technical/commercial presentation that is preceded and followed by light refreshments. Activities are of two main types:


  • Presentation/lecture type which are held at the Corinthia Palace Hotel in Attard.
  • Site visits to technical sites around Malta and Gozo.


The Group is always on the look out for opportunities to get people from industry and commercial organisations related to engineering to give presentations to the members. Although local engineers give most of the presentations, whenever we can, we make use of the services of engineers/technical managers coming from international companies who happen to be in Malta on business. This is also a way of giving the opportunity to commercial organisations to present their engineering products to engineers and architects practicing in the local field. It is all about co-operation where these presentations are to the benefit of both the commercial organisations and our members. Presentations with an international input attract the biggest audiences and are very well received by our members.


The Group holds, on two separate occasions per year presentations by three selected young graduates of the Faculty of Engineering and three from the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture respectively on their final year dissertations. Prizes are given for the best presentation and adaptability to the local environment and industry.


The Group also holds the annual dinner for it’s members in July and the Annual General Meeting in October of each year.

Our Finances

The Group gets its funds through a grant from the parent Institutions and through fund raising – all the funds go towards the organisation of the activities. Accounts are audited and audited financial statements are sent to the parent institutions every year for control purposes.

Parent Institutions