Our Associated Organisations

The Chamber of Engineers

The Chamber of Engineers (CoE) is the only local organisation catering for the interests of Maltese Professional Engineers. The Chamber was founded on the 28th April 1978.
The Chamber of Engineers is today an ever growing, dynamic and very active organisation which is continuously discussing ways and means of both enhancing and safeguarding the profession.

At both a local and European level, the Chamber actively participates in international discussion groups through the Chamber's affiliation with the European Federation of National Engineering Associations (FEANI). It has also hosted the annual FEANI meeting on two occasions in 1994 and in 2004.   The Chamber's role in Malta is also recognised. The Chamber has a representative voice on a number of local Authorities and Government Boards.

The CoE organises various activities such as, visits to engineering concerns and projects, and engineering fora amongst others. The most prestigious activity is the Annual Engineering Conference, organised in April or May of each year.

Kamra tal-Periti

The Kamra tal Periti (Chamber of Architects & Civil Engineers) is constituted in terms of Article 8(1) of Act. No.XIV of 1996, in continuation of the Chamber established by Ordinance No.XIV of 1919 (Government Notice No.202 of the 12 June 1920), and is intended for the advancement and regulation of the profession, the defence of its rights and for keeping high its prestige.

It automatically encompasses all the Periti who hold a Warrant to pratice the profession in Malta, as included in the Register of warrant holders, but they are divided in two catagories, Ordinary and Full Members, the former being an obligatory status whilst the latter is voluntary.

All Periti who hold a Warrant to pratice the profession in Malta are automatically considered to have become Ordinary Members of the Kamra on the same date as their inclusion in the Register of Warrant Holders, in the sense that they are subject to the Code of Professional Conduct and to the Kamra's disciplinary procedures.

Full membership may be acquired through appropriate application and will empower the right to have an active voice in the Kamra tal Periti, including that to vote at AGMs and/or sit for a Council post seat, besides reaping the benefits of the services and advantages offered and organised by the Council, including discounts on levies, information through newsletters and circulars.

The administration of these responsabilities is delegated to the Council of the Kamra tal- Periti in accordance with the powers and limitations described in Art 8 of the same Act.